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Vancouver, WA


Piano Tuning & Maintenance | Yamaha Disklavier Specialist | Portland, OR + Vancouver, WA


About Andante Piano Works

Welcome to Andante Piano Works

I am Laura Walker, owner, founder, piano technician, and all-around piano enthusiast. It is my belief that that piano is the coolest, greatest invention—musical or otherwise—of all time.

As such, I am a full service piano technician for the Portland, Oregon metro area, committed to providing you and your piano with the best possible service.

On my blog, I discuss all things piano, with an emphasis on piano technology. I love sharing what’s what in the piano world, my adventures as a technician, unusual pianos I encounter, and featuring the people involved in the continuing evolution of the piano and its place in our world.

Pianos have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

One of my earliest memories involves unharmoniously banging on a piano when I was three, right after the walnut polish Steinway and Sons upright that my parents had just purchased was delivered and squeezed into our tiny apartment. I took my first lesson at the age of 5, after my family and I had moved to a bigger home a couple miles down the road.

Little did I know at the time that pianos would be responsible for my journey from Buffalo, New York (Go Bills!) to Ithaca College, where I studied music, to the Emil Fries School of Piano Tuning and Technology in Vancouver, Washington.

At the Emil Fries school, I received a thorough education in aural (by ear) tuning, repair, regulation, rebuilding, and voicing of both upright and grand pianos. After completing my training and receiving my certificate in piano technology in 2006, I worked as a piano technician at Classic Pianos in Portland, Oregon, where I tuned, repaired, regulated, and whatever else the 300-plus pianos at the store needed, trained and supervised apprentice technicians, as well as coordinated with the sales department to ensure that the service department had the pianos, both sold and on the floor, in tip-top shape for over six years.

To further my skills, I attended the Little Red Schoolhouse, Yamaha’s famous week-long piano technology seminar, in 2011, where I received comprehensive, hands-on service training for Yamaha’s traditional acoustic pianos, as well as Disklaviers, Yamaha’s state-of-the-art line of player pianos. In 2016, I was again invited to Yamaha to attend their intensive, phenomenal Performance Piano Service Seminar, where I acquired invaluable skills to apply to my piano work from their top technicians.

I currently work full-time as an independent piano technician to meet the needs of the Portland, Oregon community.

At present, I am the piano technician for Clark College in Vancouver, WA, which includes regular tuning and service of all pianos in the music department, as well as concert tunings for choir and band concerts held every quarter and the annual Jazz Festival. Since January of 2013, I have also assisted with semesterly tunings at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR. In my role as a concert tuner throughout the Portland area, I have been fortunate enough to tune for—among others—artists Michael Allen Harrison, Dr. John, Beirut, Vanessa Carlton, and Stevie Wonder.

When I am not working on pianos or writing about pianos, I can generally be found chasing after my toddler. In my off-time from parenting, I generally occupy myself by spoiling my cat while reading books or talking about books. I also enjoy figure skating, cooking (my Korean short ribs are extremely popular), watching football (Hey, the Bills have got to make the playoffs someday, right?), and attending Portland Trail Blazers games.