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Vancouver, WA


Piano Tuning & Maintenance | Yamaha Disklavier Specialist | Portland, OR + Vancouver, WA



Does your piano in the Portland, Oregon metro area need some TLC?

I am a caring, experienced technician and would love to take care of anything and everything your piano needs.

As a piano technician and a lifelong piano player, I intimately understand the needs of my clients and strive to maximize the sound and touch of every piano I encounter, from the smallest spinets to the 9’ concert grands. Nothing makes me happier at the end of of service call than the knowledge that the needs of both my client and the piano have been fully met.

My services include the following:

  • Tuning  - The process of finely adjusting the tension on piano strings in order to properly align the musical intervals, thereby placing each note at the correct pitch. In most cases, the half-steps are set equidistant from each other, a tuning system known as equal temperament.
  • Voicing - Evening and adjustment of the timbre (tone quality) of each note, done by changing the hardness or softness of the hammer felt.  
  • Repair - Fixing that which does not work properly on the instrument, which can range from replacing broken parts to using lubricant to eliminate noise to minutely adjusting parts in the playing mechanism.
  • Regulation - Adjusting the many parts of the playing mechanism, called the action, in order to make the touch consistent and optimally responsive. 
  • Reconditioning - The cleaning and refurbishing of existing parts in the instrument in order to make it play optimally, which includes regulation. It is ideal for pianos with moderate wear and tear, but not in need of large scale replacement of structural components and parts in the playing mechanism.
  • Evaluation/Appraisal - An examination of a piano to determine its condition, its service needs, and/or its worth for insurance, sales or purchase purposes.
  • Yamaha Disklavier Service & Repair - System setup, training, and repair (including, if necessary, replacement of player components) for Yamaha’s line of player piano systems.

Please call or text 503.550.8270, or fill out the service form to schedule piano maintenance or repair.

Note: Because each service call is unique, please fill out my service form for a rate quote. New clients, please take a moment to read the Andante Piano Works policies and frequently asked questions